A Little Knowledge Goes A Long Way For Those in The Right Seat


Imagine…you’re taking a drive with a spouse, loved one, or close friend. They start to get a little nervous and edgy because they think you’re going too fast. And then… it starts snowing. Their nervousness turns to harsh words and it’s clear they are more than a little uncomfortable with all the control out of their control! What started out as a pleasant event, quickly escalates to an unpleasant one.

Now imagine that same scenario, only this time, you’re not in a car but at 5,000 feet sitting shoulder to shoulder in the cockpit of a small plane, with the weather settling in, turbulence picking up, and nowhere to “pull over”. You not only feel their tension… you get to hear it too!

Needless to say, that’s not the flying experience anyone images when they get their license.

At SkyTrek Alaska, we get that; we know that  your passengers’ flying experience directly impacts yours. And we also know that passenger knowledge goes along way in having confidence in you once you’ve both become airborne.

That’s why we offer our popular Passenger Confidence Course.  It’s for those who sit “on the right side”; we teach them the science of aero-dynamics, details about the specialized training you’ve had to receive your pilot’s license, and more – much more!

We can’t say  that this important course has actually saved lives…but we feel pretty confident saying it has saved more than one relationship!

Call today and we’ll discuss your specific needs… or should we say the specific needs of those who sit in the right seat!


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