SkyTrek's Aircraft & Instruction Rates

Flight/Ground Instruction

With our knowledgeable staff

Sometimes the biggest step is the first one:  actually to stop dreaming about flying and just do it.  Discovery Flights are for the individual who has always wanted to enjoy the incredible experience of flying.  One of our highly experienced FAA Certified Flight Instructors will allow you the opportunity to take the controls of an aircraft and perform basic maneuvers in an aircraft.  Since you will be flying with a CFI, the entire flight can be logged towards the Private Pilot License requirements.  The Discovery Flight is structured as a first flight lesson, so that you will know what to expect when you actually sign up for lessons at SkyTrek.

Prices include a ground lesson, instruction on preflighting an airplane, and a 30-minute lesson in an aircraft.  Due to weight restrictions in the two-seat Cessna 150, if a person weighs more than 180 pounds, then flying the larger four-seat Cessna 172 will offer more comfort.  Please wear comfortable clothing for entering and exiting the airplane.  We require long pants, and full-coverage lace-up shoes or boots with non-slip soles.

Cessna 150 Discovery Flight:  $159

Cessna 172 Discovery Flight:  $199

Tie Down Rates: $10/Daily

Whether it be in your own aircraft or one of SkyTrek’s, we are available for your flight review needs.

Trying to gain Instrument flight time? We have safety pilots available! Please call us for more information.